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Rigor You Can Count On

Melrose Pyrotechnics is a leader in the use of electronic firing systems, and never fires shells by hand. These precision fireworks display systems control the exact placement and utilization of product.

Fireworks display technology and safety
Fireworks Display Company

We are serious about product evaluation and fireworks testing procedures as well, with strict grading/testing criteria. Not just any shell goes into a Melrose Pyrotechnics fireworks show. To ensure ongoing reliability, we rotate our fireworks products on an aggressive schedule. We test fireworks based on technical criteria such as preflight times, debris ratings, and performance characteristics. We work closely with fireworks product quality from the outset, traveling to work with manufacturers even during the earliest stages of development.

Safety First

When it comes to safety and training, Melrose Pyrotechnics has raised the bar for the pyrotechnics industry with its on-site training facility and full-time staff member dedicated exclusively to training fireworks display technicians. The curriculum developed at Melrose Pyrotechnics expands on the curriculum of the American Pyrotechnics Association. With a maximum class size of 12, Melrose Pyrotechnics invests thousands of hours of training into development of its expert pyrotechnics team every year.

We Respect Your Budget

You can talk about numbers—dollars, shell counts, and the like. But the numbers that count are the decibels of the crowds when they gasp at the experience, the rising counts of repeat gatherings, the number of times you call us again, because we love to be there with you and make every celebration stand out. Our no-holds-barred approach translates into applying creative expertise to every fireworks display, regardless of the budget. Technical ingenuity, variety, pace, timing, and a pulse on the audience are the keys to an extraordinary experience. Our expert event producers and fireworks display technicians work closely with you to recommend and deliver based on your requirements for length of show, intensity, and location. We strive to surpass every goal and expectation you can set for a fireworks show. We can support you with donation and sponsorship drives too, with all funds going directly to your event budget.

We’re Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Melrose Pyrotechnics is a service company. Your utter satisfaction is our goal each and every moment of our working relationship, before, during, and after every fireworks show. We commit to expert planning, detailed answers to your questions, responsiveness to your feedback, and the utmost professionalism in all our work with you. We are confident you will find our staff friendly, knowledgeable, and sincerely committed to making your experience with us truly positive from start to finish. We take pride in our long-standing relationships, year after year.

The number-one choice in fireworks display companies, with award-winning expertise.
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