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“Show after show, there’s never a time they don’t take your breath away.”

Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

Navy Pier Fireworks Display
Fireworks Display Company

“You just have to say Oooh! Aaah! When you watch a Melrose fireworks show,” says Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel, longtime director of entertainment for Navy Pier, Chicago, who worked with Melrose Pyrotechnics to produce 50 shows per year for six years at a prime Chicago destination, Navy Pier. “Everything they do is extraordinary,” she says. “You just don’t find that anywhere else.”

In their longstanding relationship, producing two shows each week through the summer, as well as events such as Fourth of July, Labor Day, and New Year’s Eve celebrations, Vyfvinkel couldn’t be more pleased. “I worked with a small group of people and knew everybody’s roles. From the beginning, I quickly realized this is a partnership and their driving force was to make sure I was happy. If there was anything I wanted, I could call. I felt like they had already anticipated my requests and were right there with me. They valued my needs and were always very genuine.”

New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations drew not only on-site crowds, but millions more through local television broadcasts, she points out. “And our summer evening shows were a huge draw,” she says. “Melrose helped make Navy Pier a gathering place and really helped us drive attendance, and it just kept growing,” Vyfvinkel adds. “Fireworks would be going off out on a barge in the lake. On the pier, you’d see people singing, dancing, laughing, cheering. Thousands of people. Pure joy.”

Music plus fireworks is a challenging combination, she feels, and it’s a rare talent to truly understand the choices and put them together. I could always turn to Jon and say, “What ideas do you have for the soundtrack?” – and he’d come back with amazing selections. And Matt is a brilliant choreographer. Nobody can put fireworks to a song like Matt.” On site, their staff was just fantastic. I had the same two people, Rick and Wynn who knew us inside out. Reliability means peace of mind. Every time I saw these guys, I knew everything would be perfect. They’re a fantastic team.”

“I remember one day just asking them: When Santa arrives, what can we do? – And their eyes just lit up! They couldn’t wait to start into a creative meeting and invent an amazing show. I love the pure excitement they have for their work!”

Fourth of July fireworks display shows—a high profile, high demand event every year said it all for Vyfvinkel. “I knew they were very busy, but it was business as usual for them every time. I felt very valued as a customer, and I’m sure every customer got the same treatment. It’s because the Melrose Pyrotechnics name was attached to it. They have a reputation that’s a class of one.”

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