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Four Generations of Dedicated Passion

For four generations, the team at Melrose Pyrotechnics has been creating spectacular fireworks displays.

Fireworks display experience and technology
Fireworks Display Company

The great grandfather of Mike Cartolano, now President of Melrose Pyrotechnics, carried his craft from Italy to America at the turn of the 20th century. He settled in Melrose Park, Illinois, where family ancestors on both sides joined forces to create family and community traditions featuring fireworks displays. Mike’s father Anthony Cartolano collaborated with the Chicago White Sox in the development of the exploding scoreboard in 1960, beginning a fireworks display tradition that continues to thrill Sox fans today.

Under Mike’s leadership since the early 1980s, Melrose Pyrotechnics was among the first adopters of new technology for firing shells electronically. Precision control of every aspect of the fireworks show opened new doors for both Melrose Pyrotechnics and the global pyromusical production industry. Adamant about safety, Mike insists on 100 percent electronic firing for Melrose Pyrotechnics fireworks displays - a significant investment for the company. He has also spearheaded safety initiatives for the professional fireworks industry, devoting nearly one-third of his own time to industry leadership to promote safety standards and regulations.

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