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Fireworks Displays: Master Your Crowd Appeal

For generations, the people at Melrose Pyrotechnics have been creating fireworks display celebrations for loyal audiences everywhere.

Fireworks Displays
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Navy Pier fireworks display, Chicago, Illinois

Melrose Pyrotechnics is the place technology meets tradition. We deliver an unparalleled brand of passion plus talent, powered by the best and the brightest in fireworks display techniques. For professional pyromusical events, we couple the musical production expertise of extraordinary artists with the precision choreography of technical virtuosos, lighting up skies, sports arenas, and imaginations, for any type of event.

What makes our fireworks display company unique?

Behind every memorable event is our focused collaboration with you. Every pyrotechnics event begins with impeccable planning and our attention to an ensemble of precision details to create a professional fireworks display sure to fit your needs and exceed expectations.

From Day One of planning, through the culmination of an extraordinary fireworks display event, you can count on our veteran event producers and expert technicians to manage every detail of your fireworks show. As a leading fireworks display company, we are passionate about perfection. Your theme becomes our mission. From creative concept through site survey and safety planning, budget review, permitting, soundtrack development, selection of fireworks technology and techniques, setting computer-based timing and choreography, and flawless execution of the entire fireworks display, the Melrose Pyrotechnics team ensures your peace of mind.

Whether your fireworks show is large or small, your success is our imperative. Year-round, we pursue and refine new options in extraordinary entertainment in the fireworks display industry. We’re relentless in our aim to dial up the excitement level with the fireworks technologies and techniques we put to work for you. You and your audience are sure to be thrilled by any fireworks display we produce.

“Show after show, there’s never a time they don’t take your breath away.”Sheri Piecuch Vyfvinkel, Director of EntertainmentNavy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

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