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“Their talent always shows through.”

Chicago Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Fireworks Display
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Face it. Chicago is everybody’s kind of town, and that’s why the Chicago Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events has a tall order to fill every time it puts on a celebration. And, that’s why John Trick, Director of Operations, turns to Melrose Pyrotechnics for help time and time again.

“Melrose understands entertainment like nobody else,” says Trick. “We’ve always had excellent results. The Melrose team knows what’s new in their industry. They’re always introducing new fireworks display technologies, new techniques. It might be a firecracker that explodes into fountains that look like waterfalls. Or maybe it’s a wave of color taking over the sky. Cascades that willow, and the willow lingers. But it’s not just about a particular firecracker or one special effect. The sum total is an experience with a serious Oooh and Aaah factor. Aside from Melrose productions, I haven’t seen shows like that. And they keep re-inventing.”

Musical production plays a large role in many of the Chicago events, magnifying the “wow” factor and captivating loyal audiences. “We usually kick off an event plan by meeting in the office and starting to put together a theme,” says Trick. “Our staff usually has an idea. Then we work together with Melrose to explore music that fits the theme. It can be a balancing act that crosses generations. Show tunes have such a following, and at the same time, we look for modern recognition. Their soundtrack artists can work the range with us. They settle in, draft the soundtrack, let us review, and we tweak together until we’re exactly where we want to be with our theme.”

Music is just the beginning. “Then they design the show,” says Trick. “That’s typically a few more meetings as we collaborate to produce something truly special. What I like is how their professionalism always shines. Their talent always shows through. They can do things like pick the portion of the music that works well with the fireworks, putting timing together perfectly.”

Show after show, feels Trick, “They are so easy to work with, so professional. They listen. They understand entertainment. They work with us to make sure we meet our goals. Their customer commitment stands far above the rest, and I would recommend Melrose Pyrotechnics to others. In the end, it’s not about how many dollars you have available to spend. I know every minute they would work just as hard for one dollar as they would for a million. They just want to make everyone happy.”

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